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Wolfeboro Inn New Hampshire Wedding | Matt and rachel are married!

Matt and Rachel started dating in 2009, during Rachel's senior year and Matthew's sophomore year of high school. During a production of Godspell in 2009, Matthew decided to make the first move. With the looming promise of a snow day, Rachel had driven Matthew home from rehearsal. In no rush to get home, she went inside to talk and spend more time with Matthew. They stood talking and dancing in the kitchen until 2am when Matthew kissed Rachel. Matthew officially asked Rachel to be his girlfriend three weeks later, thus began the start of their relationship!

Matt and Rachel continued to date on and off while they went to college but always made it back to each other. In 2015, Rachel decided to move to Boston and their on again off again became a permanently on again affair.

After 10 years together, Matthew finally decided it was time to propose to Rachel on May 4th, 2019 (Star Wars Day). Matthew had taken Rachel ring shopping back in February, so she had a hint that it was coming. They had a scheduled trip to NYC to see a few Broadway shows— a favorite hobby. That Saturday, they spent the day walking around Central Park, though Matthew was being suspicious and stalling, waiting for the right moment. Matthew brought Rachel to a special spot, Wagner's Cove, and began to reminisce on their decade of love. Next thing they knew (as they seemingly both blacked-out), Matthew was down on one knee with a ring in his hand asking for Rachel’s hand in marriage. Rachel shouted “of course!”

Matthew and Rachel married at the beautiful Wolfeboro Inn in Wolfeboro New Hampshire and their wedding day would not have been possible without all these amazing vendors below:

Venue: The Wolfeboro Inn

Photo: Lady Ilg Photography

Videographer: Once Like a Spark

Florist: Lakes Regional Floral Studio

Dress Shop: Christina's Bridal

Dress Brand: Hayley Paige

Paper goods: Minted Weddings

Makeup and Hair: Jo Louise Beauty

DJ: Spinner Music

Desserts: Jacques Pastries

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