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the manor house wedding | nick and Courtney are married!

Nick and Courtney used to work at a small marketing company together. Nick had been there for years before Courtney started. They both were attracted to each other when they first met but dated other people at the time; but Nick and Courtney got along because they both had the same taste in music and the same attention to detail and work ethic. After some time, they finally started talking and hanging out, and in Courtney's words, "he was a keeper from the start!"

Both Nick and Courtney had taken some time off in their jobs to enjoy the holidays with their friends and family, and when they both came back after the New Years, it was found out that they both had broken up with their significant others. They had a work trip out to Vegas for a trade show coming up and they both were excited to get out of town and let off some steam from their breakups. The last night of the trip, when Nick and Courtney hung out by themselves for a little after their co-workers went to their rooms, the sparks were flying and the flirting was on! The thing that made all the difference was that they both made each other laugh....a lot.

After the trip was over, they both agreed to start hanging out more in group settings with co-workers. Eventually, as they began hanging out more and more, it became apparent that this could really go somewhere...they wanted something more out of their relationship.

In Courtney's words: "I believe that we both knew that we had found the one pretty quickly. It is true in our case, when you know you know! Nick has such a kind heart, deals with my weirdness with ease and is so appreciative of everything I do."

Eventually, it came time for Nick to propose. Nick knows that Courtney loves her college and college town, and Courtney really wanted to take Nick back to Stillwater, OK for the biggest homecoming celebration in the entire country. As soon as Courtney bought the tickets to the homecoming football game, Nick knew that that would be the perfect time to propose to her. Nick and Courtney were walking through campus to the tailgate where they were meeting a bunch of people when they stopped to take some pictures. In front of Edmon Low Library there is a fountain. Every homecoming OSU turns the water in this fountain orange for the whole week of homecoming events. Everyone took pictures in front of the fountain! Eventually, it was Nick and Courtney's turn to take a photo, when he got down on one knee and pulled out a Ring Pop wrapper... in the wrapper was a little black box, he opened it up and asked Courtney if she would marry him. Of course, Courtney was really quick to respond YES! Nick and Courtney had an ongoing joke that he could propose with a Ring Pop and she would say yes, so that is why he had the Ring Pop in his pocket!

Nick and Courtney had a beautiful Day in Littleton Colorado and their wedding day would not have been possible without these amazing vendors below!

Venue: The manor House

Photo: Lady Ilg

Florist: Daisy's Front Porch

Dress Shop: The Bridal Collection

Dress Brand: Justin Alexander

Paper Goods: Minted Weddings

Hair and Makeup: Amy Dacosta Hair and Makeup

DJ: Jammin DJ's

Desserts: Cakes Amore

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