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Tacoma Washington Elopement | Seattle Wedding Photographer | Akira and Emmy are Married!

Emmy and her friend Heather were headed to an Ed Sheeran concert in July of 2017. Before the concert, they both decided they wanted to get a few drinks. Heather happened to have a friend who could let them access a rooftop with a gorgeous view of Mt. Rainer. That friend was Akira. Akira allowed the two friends onto his rooftop before he had to leave for work, but on the way up to the roof top, Emmy found some abandoned half inflated birthday balloons in the corner of Akira's lobby. Emmy, a little tipsy from the drinks she had already consumed, walked right up to Aki and her first words to him were, "Hi, I'm Emily. I found these balloons, you can have them." Akira ended up hanging out on the rooftop with Emmy and Heather, and before they had to leave for the concert, Aki ended up asking Emily for her number.

It might surprise you to note that Emily and Akira went out on three dates, and after the 3rd date, Emily decided that she just wasn't interested, so she ended up calling Aki and tried to put him in the "friend zone". Four months had gone by, and Emmy and Aki had started dating other people. Then randomly, in December, Aki asked Emmy if she would want to go with him and a few friends on a weekend ski trip. Em said she wasn't available that weekend; however, they both ended up hanging out later that week (with Heather, oddly enough!). They both had ended things independently with other people but even though they started hanging out together more, Emmy still didn't feel like they were a right match.

She planned on calling Aki to tell him once again that they should just continue as friends as to not lead him on, but the night she planned to do it, Aki beat her to it! Emmy was relieved to not have to be the "bad guy" twice.

They still remained friends though and would hang out every now and then. Once Spring rolled around, however, things slowly started to become more romantic. At that time though, Emmy just wanted a break from dating anyone and everyone, so for a third time, she clarified with Aki over dinner that she was not looking for a relationship.

Aki was a great sport about it, even though he was disappointed over their conversation, he managed to play it cool. However, two days later, he asked Emmy if they could talk. He came over and ended up expressing how much he cared for Emily and told her he thought they should just go for it and give their relationship a chance. He mentioned he wasn't trying to fight her decision not to date, but he would also never forgive himself if he never told Emily how he really felt. Emmy was drawn to his bravery and honesty, so they FINALLY started dating in April of 2018

THE PROPOSAL! (From Emily's perspective)

Akira left in late August for 9 weeks of medical training in Panama City Beach FL. About 6 weeks in I flew there to see him. Little did I know while he was down there he found a jeweler and was planning on proposing to me that weekend. However, the jeweler called and said the ring wasn't ready, so he couldn't do it. I flew back to WA at the end of the weekend. Well just so happens that weekend Hurricane Micheal was headed straights for PCB, so not only did I fly home but Aki has to evacuate the city. So the hurricane came through PCB and did a TON of damage. Roads were impassible, no running water or electricity or phones. So Aki ended up having to fly home early, with NO IDEA the status of the ring because the jewelry store he bought it from was damaged by the storm and they had no working phones. So for about 3 weeks he was home with me internally freaking out about where this ring was that he already paid for! Finally the jeweler called him and said they had the ring and over nighted it to his best friends house here in WA. He says because he had already waited three weeks longer than he wanted to that it ended up being just a few days after he got the ring that he proposed, and it was perfect.

It was a Thursday night, November 1, I came home from work, I was in a good mood because it was a good day at work. I was making dinner and Aki yells, "Hey babe, I think Cody (our dog) brought something weird in from the yard, can you take a look?" so I turn from the stove and go "Ew, what is it." and as I turn Aki is there on a knee and asks if I'll marry him. I was SO SURPRISED. I just kept saying "Oh my God, oh my God" and I hugged him and he grabbed me by the shoulders and goes "CAN YOU PLEASE JUST SAY YES BEFORE WE GO ANY FURTHER?" I was so excited I forgot to say yes! It was perfect because it was just us in our home. We didn't tell anyone that night but called people in the morning. It was just nice to live in that space together just the two of us. We watched When Harry Met Sally and went to bed!

Thank you Aki and Emmy for inviting me into such a special time in your life! You are an amazing couple!!

Venue: Elope 253

Hair and Makeup: Brassfields Salon and SpaI

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