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Crest Hollow Country Club New York Wedding | Sean and Mariposa are Married!

A couple years before Sean and Mariposa started dating, Mariposa had heard through the grape vine that Sean was asking around about her just to see if she was even available. At the time, she was dating someone and didn't really pay much attention to Sean because she was already focused on a relationship. Fast forward, Mariposa moved to a different department in her hospital she worked at (the emergency department), and given that Sean was an EMT, she started seeing him more often. Sean would often ask Mariposa if she wanted coffee of food and she would always say, "NO"--she didn't even know his name!

Sean let some time pass before he would pursue Mariposa again, and finally, she agreed to a dinner with him. That first date together, Mariposa was incredibly nervous...wanting to be respectful of Sean and chew her food like a lady, she ended up letting the steak she ordered grow cold. However, she was enamored with Sean's manners and respect toward her on their first date....she knew he was a special one.

Not wanting to rush things, however, Mariposa told Sean she wanted him to wait and court her for a year. Sean agreed to do so, and he waiting patiently until Mariposa was ready to make them both official. 9 months after their first date, they became boyfriend and girlfriend and shared their first kiss!

THE PROPOSAL (From Mariposa's Perspective)

We got engaged on July 8, 2016 - Boracay , Philippines . It was his first time traveling outside the country and we were island hoping with my whole family. I had no clue that he was going to propose- apparently my whole family knew and they arranged a private area in a restaurant with a band to sing different love songs.

Oh, I also had no idea my mom was wearing my engagement ring while we traveled because they were scared that I would see it in the luggage. FYI : he vomited before he proposed , I just thought he got sick from the food : )


Venue: Crest Hollow Country Club

Photo: Lady Ilg

Paper Goods: Print and Company

Videographer: Drama Life Films

Florist: Stylish Events NY

Dress Shop: Village Bridal Boutique

Dress Brand: Allure Bridals

Makeup: Mariposa Makeup

DJ: Body Rock Entertainment

Desserts: Dortoni Bakery

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