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Wedgewood Boulder Creek Wedding | Boulder Wedding | Rob and Alyssa are Married!

As fresh 21 year old's, Rob and Alyssa had only been back at CU for their Junior year for about a month when they ended up at the same bar together. The two started dancing with each other but after dancing for a few songs, Alyssa abruptly left to head home with a few of her friends. This left Rob wondering who on earth Alyssa was!?

On the bus ride home, Rob asked his friend Anna (who also happened to be Alyssa's sorority sister) if she knew his dance partner. Anna excitedly told him he had been dancing with Alyssa, the president of her sorority! Like any good sorority sister, Anna hastily texted Alyssa to let her know, "Rob was into you". When Alyssa's response was, "Who's Rob?" Anna gave Rob Alyssa's number but Rob never texted her--it wasn't until Anna repeatedly pestered him to do so, did he actually reach out to Alyssa...and, as fate would have it, they later made plans to meet up on Valentine's Day where Rob joined Alyssa on a date dash which helped them get to know each other even better. Over the next few months they saw each other more and more. Finally, about a month later, Rob took Alyssa out to dinner. Excited to go on a real first date together, Alyssa was too nervous to ask where they were going. Her sister-in-law, Amanda, instructed her to order a burger and eat the whole thing. “Don't play the whole ‘I love this salad’ game,’” she said. Amanda did that with Alyssa’s brother and they ended up getting married—so Alyssa solemnly adhered the advice. For the date Alyssa picked out her best winter outfit, which included a sweater she would later learn Rob hated. Though Alyssa was a bit shocked they went to dinner at the place directly behind their houses, Rob was finally taking her to dinner, so she didn’t complain. Didn’t complain, that is, until the next three, yes three times he took her out to dinner to the same place: The Sink- a local bar and burger joint nestled on The Hill. Alyssa quickly learned about Rob’s preferred meal choices: meat and cheese and potatoes. Alyssa dutifully ordered burger after burger, always cleaning her could say that Amanda's advice worked!

THE PROPOSAL In was June 9th, 2017

With Rob’s family in town for his graduation from his MSW program at DU, Alyssa had a hunch that he would propose that weekend. But the night before graduation she gave up on that happening. Alyssa asked Rob for years to propose in private, for she knew she would have a hard time showing emotion in a public setting. Rob assured her he would make it private. So once graduation day came, Alyssa knew the opportunity for a private moment was gone and decided it would not happen. Rob, on the other hand, had been planning his proposal for about 5 months with his family and hers.

Sitting through the hours of his graduation ceremony, nervously awaiting the end, was torture. And when the ceremony did finish, the perfect spot Rob had to propose was taken by food trucks. Having no idea of the mental turmoil Rob suffered, Alyssa suggested the group go to the quad where it was less crowded to take pictures. As photos were wrapping up, Alyssa asked if anyone else needed a picture with Rob. Alyssa’s dad said, “Hmm, I think we need some more of you two. The others didn't turn out well.” Turning around to take more pictures with her boyfriend, there was Rob on bended knee. He said, “I’m so sorry I’m doing this in public, but it was the only way I could surprise you. Will you Marry me?” For a moment no words came from Alyssa’s mouth. Then surprise gave way to excitement and she of course said yes! Alyssa gave Rob the longest hug where she told him “I love you, even though you proposed in public.” She then soaked up a few more seconds with her head buried in his chest as dozens of onlookers cheered and stared. Then both families returned to the house, sat around the fire pit, and toasted love and an exciting year ahead!

The amazing vendors that made the day possible:

Venue: Wedgewood Boulder Creek

Photography: Lady Ilg

Planning: Jillian Jensen Events

Florist: Painted Primrose

Hair and Makeup: Kacie McIntosh

Dress Shop: A&Be Bridal Shop

Dress: Hayley Paige

Rob's Custom Suit: Suit Supply

Paper Goods: Nizhoni Creative Studio

Desserts: Kelly Leigh Cakes

Videographer: GPS Wedding Films

DJ: DJ Maestro

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