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Denver Botanic Gardens Wedding | Austin and Gabby are Married!

Gabby knew of Austin well before he had ever known of her. During their Freshman convocation, Gabby watched Austin introduce himself to one of her teammates, also named Auston. But they didn't actually "meet" until their writing class their Freshman year of college. Gabby and Austin shared one interaction about their love for popcorn, and their friendship began to bloom.

It was still about a month of Gabby and Austin simply being friends and getting to know each other before Gabby dated Austin to ask her out on a real date. Austin asked Gabby out for the following Valentine's Day but wouldn't tell Gabby how to dress since it was supposed to be a surprise. Austin picked Gabby up in a dress in heels only to take her to............a bowling alley! But since Gabby kindly explained to Austin that she couldn't rent bowling shoes without socks, she convinced him to take her to a movie instead.

This ended up being more fitting since Austin and Gabby bond over their love of movies and--you guessed it--popcorn.

For Gabby, everything clicked and she knew he was special. Their adventures are spontaneous, and they have learned to just roll with the punches life has thrown at them...pretty spectacularly for re-orchestrating your entire wedding day due to COVID-19 if I do say so myself. Their first time telling each other "I love you" happened a year after their first date.

When it came time for Austin to propose, it was September 29th, 2018. Austin's family manages a ranch in Colorado, and Gabby's family were invited to celebrate a birthday. Each person saddled up for a horseback ride, but unfortunately, Gabby felt sick due to the high altitude. Knowing what Austin had planned, everyone pitched in to help make Gabby feel better. I'll let Gabby take it from here:

"We rode up to a ridge, and my horse stuck itself in a dead tree to munch on branches. Meanwhile, people were asking if I wanted to get off my horse to help Austin with his saddle (which made no sense to me at all because my family and I were definitely the least experienced when it came to horses). When that didn't really work to get my attention, they asked if I wanted to get down to take pictures, and I said I was okay staying on my horse (I was scared I wouldn't be able to get back on because I had used a mounting block to originally get on. Finally, Caroline (Austin's sister-in-law) said, "Gabby, are you okay?", and I was kind of shocked. I said I was and looked around to see why she would ask, just to see Austin patiently waiting on his knee behind my horse with a view of the valley behind him. I was so surprised, and highly embarrassed I hadn't taken a hint for what must've felt like an eternity. My dad was also surprised because my mom knew he wouldn't be able to keep a secret. It was beautiful, and perfect, and the biggest surprise of my life. When we returned to the lodge after our ride, the staff had set up an engagement party table. It was so sweet. Special touches for the engagement set up: 1. Popcorn. Austin and I love popcorn. He "popped" the question 2. Rock candy. Austin loves rock candy. I got the "rock" 3. Pie buffet. We both love pie. Around thanksgiving I can't get enough pumpkin pie haha."

Gabby and Austin were married at the Denver Botanic Gardens. They originally had a much larger wedding planned, but due to COVID were given the option to either postpone or downsize their wedding. For Gabby and Austin, they just wanted to be married, so they chose to downsize and it was the perfect intimate wedding. Their family is beautiful and they are such a wonderful couple!

This wedding would not have been possible without the amazing vendors below:

Venue: Denver Botanic Gardens

Photo: Lady Ilg

Dress: Essence of Australia

Reception Centerpieces: Serendipity

Cake and Catering: Serendipity

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