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Brandon and Sara are Married | Crooked Willow Farms Wedding

Sara had just ended a high school relationship and thought it would be fun to hop on Tinder to see what it was all about. It only took 6 hours on the app for Brandon to reach out to her. They met for the first time at one of Sara's favorite coffee shops on Baylor's campus and spent hours talking. Brandon was about to commission for the Air Force and move two hours away, so considering they liked each other already, they made the most of their one week to get to know each other before Brandon left.

Brandon and Sara like to joke that it was love at first sight for Sara, and it took Brandon and little longer to fall in love. Sara was immediately drawn to Brandon's love for his job and amazing dreams. She has always thought he was the funniest person she had ever met. Since Brandon was about to move away, they spent as much time together as possible, and quickly became best friends. Brandon is the first person Sara thinks to call and tell everything to and the only one that can ease her stress and anxiety. Though they are completely opposite, (Brandon is structured, analytical, a problem solver; Sara is emotional, compassionate, and sensitive), they still couldn't be more perfect for each other....after all, opposites to attract!

Brandon and Sara were engaged in December 2017. They were headed to Boise, ID to celebrate his brother's college graduation. Sara was told there would be family photos after the ceremony and that she would have to bring something nice to wear. Brandon made sure to let some of Sara's best friends in on his plan and instructed them to make sure she got whatever it was she wanted to wear. Unfortunately--and not according to plan--Brandon and Sara landed in Boise only to be told their luggage had been left behind and wouldn't arrive until the next day. So they showed up to the graduation unshowered, with unbrushed hair and in the same clothes from the day before...don't worry though, the hotel receptionist gave them toothbrushes ;). Brandon made Sara feel as though the family photos after the ceremony were so important that he made them leave shortly after his brother's name was called to retrieve their luggage and change into their planned outfits. The photos were going to take place at the Boise Train Depot, so they met the family there once they were ready. Walking up to a bench overlooking the city, there was a couple sitting down with their backs turned to Brandon and Sara. Brandon approached them, saying that they'd like to take some pictures right there. As they turned around, Sara was completely shocked to see the faces of her mom and dad staring back at her. They stepped aside as Brandon took her hands and got down on one knee. After speaking the sweetest words, he asked Sara to marry him. Without hesitation, she said yes! Looking around her immediately after, she saw Brandon's family as well as some of her aunts, uncles & cousins. It was the BEST surprise ever.

Sara's first question after the proposal was, "When did you talk to my dad about this?!" To her surprise, Brandon took a huge detour to her parents house in Colorado during his move from TX to AZ. He had this day intricately planned for months, with documents sent to all involved family members outlining exactly how the day would go. It was the most perfect proposal.

This wedding day would not have been possible without the amazing team below!

Venue: Crooked Willow Farms

Photography: Lady Ilg Photography

Florist: The Olive and Poppy

Planner: Prisma Events

Dress: Lillian West from Gowns of Grace

Paper Goods: Minted

Hair and Makeup: Captivate Beauty

Officiant: Scott Sanders (Wedlock Officiants)

DJ: Trading Post Duo

Desserts: Whipped Bakery

Videographer: Chris Barron

Catering: Occasions Catering

Rentals: Event Rents

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