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5 Ways to Market to (And Book) Your Dream Clients on Instagram

I could go on about the amount of incredible clients I've booked through Instagram alone. For example, a wedding I have in February 2019. My clients have a Great Dane and one of the reasons they booked me was because I also have a Great Dane, which they learned through following me on Instagram. Another example is a wedding I have in October 2019. The bride and I had been following each other for a year or so on Instagram and she reached out to me before she even had her venue booked to see which dates I was available because she had already felt like she knew me that she HAD to make sure I was available for her wedding. These are only a couple of examples; but I'm a huge advocate for making myself stand out on Instagram in order to heighten the experience for my current clients, but it also gives me an advantage when it comes times for brides to book.

Here's the 5 ways you can market to (and book) your dream clients on Instagram:


These days, people are more conscious about their consumerism. People want to buy from companies they believe will make impact, or companies they can relate to on a personal level. When I share my personal life, I am attracting people who I know might be able to relate to something I share, and because of that, might book me because they feel that no other wedding photographer will understand the experiences they have. If you're not getting personal on Instagram, now's the time to do so!

2. Realize that you always need to serve your audience well regardless of whether you have 100 followers, or 10,000 followers.

It's so easy to get caught up in the amount of followers/likes/comments we get on out posts, but the truth is, your best audience is the one you have right in front of you, and if we're really honest, the number you have in your bio means nothing if you're not making money. Instead of focusing on gaining followers, focus on serving the ones you currently have. There's a quote I love and it's "The best clients are your current clients". The same goes with the amount of followers you have. Your dream clients may already be following you, and your goal should be to cater to the ones you already have, and in doing so, you will attract more people.

3. Repel and Attract

It's really easy to get offended if we lose followers, but also really exciting to gain more. Your goal with what you post should be to repel and attract. You want to repel the people you might never be able to serve to begin with, and attract more of your dream clients. For me, I specialize in photographing weddings, so I want to repel people who might need family photos, and attract more brides. It's not that I don't like families, it's just not the client I should be focusing on attracting. The same goes with the things I post about my personal post. Whenever I post something, I want to share what might resonate with my current clients and potential clients. If what I share doesn't resonate with some people, that's ok! That just means I'm getting closer and closer to attracting my dream clients.

4. Engage with your audience and answer their biggest questions

Your audience wants to engage with you! In everything you post, you should always have a CTA (Call to Action). Whether it's asking them to like your post, comment below, or message you their biggest questions. Not only that, but you should be responding to every comment, and also engage with the people who you follow on their own posts! In order to be interesting to your audience, you have to also be interested in what they're sharing.

5. Only share more of the type of work that you want

Going back to my 3rd point. You will book more of your dream clients if you share more of the work you want to do. If you're a planner and you want more mountain weddings, you should be sharing mountain weddings and geo-tagging them in your posts! If you're a calligrapher and you want to create more banners, you should be sharing more banners! Sharing the type of work you want more of, will result in people booking you for that because when you share it, they can see that you are an expert in that area!

There you have it! The 5 most simple steps you can take to market to, and book, your dream clients on Instagram!

Have a question you'd like me to answer? Email me personally at and I will answer you back!

Happy Friday 5!


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