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5 tips for choosing the perfect wedding photographer

Let's face it, hiring a photographer for your wedding day is such an important decision, and if overlooked, can cause a lot of heartbreak after your wedding. Your photographer is the one who will be creating your first ever family heirloom, so you want to know that you can be confident in whoever you choose....here's the 5 tips I have for you when it comes to choosing the PERFECT wedding photographer:

1. Make sure you love their work

Sometimes, as a potential client, you may not always be able to note small differences between the style of each photographer you're looking at, but you can note significant differences and chances are, you're drawn to a specific look. Do you like the images that look more posed? Or photos that look way more natural? Are you more drawn to a bright and airy look? Or a dark and moody look? You should be able to get a good sense for what your wedding images might look like when you look at a photographer's work. Take a moment to imagine yourself in those images, and if you like what you see, chances are, you'll really like working with that photographer.

2. Make sure you get along

I can't stress this enough, but it's so important you get along with your photographer and have a good working relationship with them. Your photographer is the one vendor that will be with you every second of your wedding day, and the only vendor you'll be working with before, during and after your wedding. So making sure you are comfortable with your photographer is super important. If you don't feel comfortable telling your photographer certain things, or even being able to laugh around them, it might be really hard to have a great experience with them. Part of what makes a great experience between you and your photographer is great chemistry. As a photographer, I know I can get you to open up with your new wifey/hubby in front of my camera if I can get you to open up with me.

3. Make sure you trust them

Trust is so important in a client/photographer relationship. As a wedding photographer, I will likely see you naked on your wedding day; I will try to make myself aware of family tensions before hand so I don't cause any awkward situations while posing and you need to know that I can take that personal information and only keep it between you and me. You also need to know that you can trust your photographer when it comes to making timeline decisions based on how many guests you have, or how many you have in your bridal party, etc.

4. Make sure you'd be confident referring them

A big way to know if you're comfortable with the people you choose to work with is if you know you'd feel comfortable referring them to other people...this doesn't just apply to photographers. As a good friend, you never want to refer others to people who won't treat them well. We refer people we know, like and trust; so if you wouldn't feel comfortable referring your photographer to your other engaged friends, that might be a huge red flag.

5. Make sure you know they can deliver

Have you ever heard horror stories from friends about photographers who never delivered the images to them? Or didn't show up on the wedding day? How are you, as a bride, supposed to know your photographer is going to deliver? Some ways to ensure this is by asking to see a full wedding gallery, asking how they go about backing up their images, and also, READING REVIEWS from past clients. Other small things to know your photographer is legit is to check out their social media pages...are they active? Are they establishing themselves as an expert in the industry? Do you see comments on their posts from past clients? There's a lot of ways you can tell if your photographer is legit. And more than anything, make sure you go with your gut. Remember that when it comes to photography, you get what you pay for, and this is a really important decision--in fact, one of the most important decisions (aside from getting married, lol).

So how did you know you chose the RIGHT photographer? Comment below!

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