• Morgan (@ladyilg)

Sonnenalp Vail Wedding | Niki and Kami are Married!

Niki and Kami both had mutual friends named Clint and Natalie before they had ever met who had made mention of the other person a couple of times. But it wasn't until a Golf tournament on May 19th, 2018 when all 4 of them were in the same place, and Niki and Kami officially met.

The day they met, they talked for a bit, but it wasn't until the end of the day when they both sat together on the shuttle back to the parking lot from the tournament. But Kami didn't ask Niki for her number...he later got it from their mutual friends. Shortly after getting her number, Kami called Niki to ask her on a date. Niki knew from the first phone conversation that Kami was different. Everything with their relationship came natural and easy, and after their first date together, they were inseparable.

When Kami decided it was time to propose, it was a normal Friday in Dallas; December 13th, 2019. Niki went to work and got off relatively early. Niki went straight from work to Kami's house, knowing they were going to dinner with his parent's that evening, but not knowing where, Niki didn't rush getting ready or plan on wearing anything super special. Niki and Kami have a dog named Ricky, which they would often take over to Kami's parent's house whenever they go out. This time wasn't any different, Ricky came along with them but upon pulling up at Kami's parent's house, he asked Niki if she would want to take Ricky for a walk. On their walk, Kami casually pointed a ring balloon on a tree and simply asked Niki, "what's that?". Niki; however, still confused and not sure what was happening, just brushed it off when all of a sudden, Kami started saying some of the sweetest things to Niki and got down on one knee. Niki, STILL not sure this was actually happening, forgot to say yes and instead asked, "is this a joke!?"

...they laughed it off and she said, "YES!". A few minutes later, Kami's parent's came to them with some champagne and took some photos of them both to celebrate. Come to find out, not a single person, except for Niki's dad and Kami's parent's knew he was going to propose that day, and when Kami decided that December 13th was the day, he called Niki's dad that same morning and asked him for his blessing....He got his permission an HOUR before the proposal!