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Villa Parker Wedding | Colorado Wedding Photographer | Andrew and Leah are Married!

Andrew was a year or so out of college, working and living in Downtown Denver while Leah was finishing up her senior year at CU Boulder when they both met on match.com. Leah had already been on a few dates, yet none of them happened to click. Disappointed in the fact that none of her previous dates had worked out, she decided to cancel her subscription. No more than three minutes after canceling, she saw Andrew's new profile and decided to send him a message. It took Andrew a few days to respond because he hadn't yet purchased the membership, but he couldn't resist Leah's profile, so decided to pay for the membership so he would be able to converse with Leah.

Andrew and Leah settled on a first date...two days before Christmas. They definitely clicked after their first date and began spending every weekend together. Leah is generally a very independent person, she very much enjoys her alone time, but Andrew quickly became the person she couldn't stay away from. Andrew got to a point where he never hesitated making future plans with Leah, they both just knew that they were going to be together forever. Andrew and Leah describe their relationship as easy, because they've always been each other's teammates on every situation. Teammates work together to solve issues, one foot in front of the other, and they have continued to grow together since they went on their first date.

Andrew and Leah got engaged on October 13th 2018. Every year, since they've been together, they have gone up to Telluride to see the fall colors. But 2018 would be different. Since Telluride is a 6 hour drive from where they live, there was plenty of time for them to talk on the way up. Leah suspected that this might be the weekend Andrew would propose, but he kept trying to deter Leah from ever thinking they would get engaged that weekend. I'll let you read the rest from Leah's perspective...

"That Saturday morning rolled around, and I called my mom on the patio while Andrew slept. I very clearly told my mom 'I don't think its going to happen.... and if it does, its only going to be today. He won't propose on Sunday. It has to be during our hike today, otherwise its 100% not happening.' We got ready for the hike and me, being the girl that I am and always wanting to be prepared JUST in case, did my hair and makeup for the hike. Andrew was acting slightly suspicious, guarding his duffel bag with extra care. I remember him walking into the bathroom and shutting the door and a second later walked out, zipped his duffel bag, and walked back into the bathroom. He even did his hair that morning, and knowing Andrew, he would have normally just thrown on a hat for the hike, but he put his contacts in and gelled up his hair. We left for town and grabbed some breakfast, and Andrew insisted on holding my small hiking backpack the entire morning. He wouldn't let me near that thing! I started to get somewhat hopeful that maybe he would propose, but still a part of me thought it wasn't going to happen."

"After breakfast we began our hike up Bear Creek trail to our favorite waterfall in Telluride. As we reached the top, it started to get really icy and snowy as it was early October and the town had seen a few snow storms the week before. We had to crawl on our hands and knees to get up toward the waterfall, but of course it's our favorite spot so it was worth the risk. As we approached the rock landing by the waterfall, I stood there taking pictures, not noticing that Andrew had snuck away and moved closer to the waterfall. I couldn't see him as there was a large rock blocking where he was now kneeling. I walked around the rock to see him smiling there, a diamond ring of my dreams in hand, and the 4 words every girl waits a lifetime to hear. 'Will you Marry me?'. Of course I squealed and said yes! We headed down the mountain (on our butts because of the ice and snow ---- I was very careful not to damage the new ring!) We arrived back in town, did the most Andrew and Leah thing and went to our favorite pizza place, Brown Dog Pizza, called all of our family and friends, and celebrated over pizza and beer. I loved Telluride before, but I love it even more now."

Andrew and Leah got married at a beautiful villa in Parker and their wedding day would not have been possible had it not been for all the amazing vendors below:

Venue: Villa Parker

Photo: Lady Ilg

Videographer: Shutter and Sound

Officiant: Weddings With Clinton

Florist: Mainstreet Flower Market

Dress Shop: The Bridal Collection

Dress Brand: Martina Liana Bridal

Paper Goods: Basic Invite

Makeup: Amy DaCosta

DJ: Elite entertainment

Desserts: The Makery (cake) and Rocky Mountain Catering (Smore's)

Catering: Rocky Mountain Catering

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