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Lionscrest Manor Wedding | Colorado Wedding Photographer | Joe and Madison are Married!

You hear a lot about high school sweet hearts, or even college sweet hearts...but when was the last time you heard about MIDDLE school sweet hearts?

It was 8th grade when Madison met Joe. He walked into Math class and Madison was instantly attracted to Joe's freckles and blue eyes. Joe was the new kid in school and Madison wanted to make sure he felt welcome, so she became Joe's friend instantly. At the end of the year, when Joe and Madison were signing each others year books, Madison wrote in Joe's book, "Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you was beyond my control."

The two dated for a few months in middle and high school, but Joe ended up moving away after sophomore year in high school, which devastated Madison. Over time, Madison moved on with her life and simply tried to see Joe as her high school fling...until college orientation...

Madison found herself walking around in a sea of green when she heard, "MADI!?"

To her surprise, she turned around to find Joe's mom and at that moment, Madison knew that the universe had brought her and Joe back together!

They spent the first few years of college as the best of friends, until they both became single before the summer of senior year...finally, a chance to re-kindle their romantic relationship.

One of Madi's favorite things about her relationship with Joe is that their relationship has always been founded on friendship before anything else. She loves that over the last 13 years, they both have been able to grow individually while still finding themselves loving the same qualities they did in each other back in 8th grade.

THE PROPOSAL (From Madi's perspective):

We got engaged on the last day of my school year last summer. We had been dating for about 5 years. He met me in old town (after I was out celebrating with my teacher friends) and said we had to meet more friends at a bar in Old Town. We were walking through this cute alley and out popped my best friends and both of our families. I pretty much started balling then because I knew what was happening. After everyone watched me cry for what seemed forever (probably only 30 seconds), Joe dropped a knee and asked me to be his forever. We all went out after and celebrated!

Joe and Madison had a stunning wedding day and it would not have been possible without all the amazing vendors below:

Venue: Lionscrest Manor

Photo: Lady Ilg

Florist: A Florae

Dress Shop: Emma and Grace Bridal

Dress Brand: Christos Bridal

Hair: Tara J Gooden

DJ: The Wedding Collective

Catering: Greens Point Catering

Desserts: Whole Foods

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