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How To Achieve Fulfillment

I want to take a moment to challenge a notion about fulfillment. As a business owner, I often find myself seeking fulfillment in my job...and for the longest time, that "fulfillment" has been in always achieving more. Always aiming for the next big thing. And if I'm not always accomplishing more, then I've become a "failure". But I'm not here to talk about how to strive to achieve more in your work, or your life. I'm here to challenge the notion of fulfillment.

You see, whenever you find yourself in a position of always wanting more, more will never be enough. I liken it to those who win the lottery. 70% of those who win the lottery go broke within 5 years of winning. Why is that? My assumption is because when you can buy whatever you want, then whatever you have will never be enough. Pretty soon that brand new speed boat will become outdated, and now you need a yacht. So why will I never become fulfilled in always striving for the next thing in my life and business? Because when I achieve that next thing, I'm ready for the NEXT big thing after that.

Fulfillment is not in having everything you need or want. Fulfillment is in emptying yourself so you have nothing, so that whatever comes to you, big or small, is more than enough.

And that's what I want to challenge here.

When was the last time you felt like you had nothing left to give? The last time you felt like you weren't really achieving much even though it seemed as though everyone else around you was?

Friend...I'm in that place right now as we speak! The beginning of this year was such a highlight for me! My husband and I signed a contract to build a house (exciting!), I launched a podcast (exciting!), I celebrated my 5th year full time in business (exciting!), I started working on a new project for 2020 (exciting!) I booked my highest ever paying clients (exciting!)....yet I had no idea that I would soon hit a wall that would be crushing to me. A wall where even though I'm doing so much, my business feels slower than I'd like it to be. A wall where my life doesn't look as "glamorous" as I'd like it to look because I'm currently living in a basement with my husband and we have boxes stacked to the ceiling in a corner. (I mean, you guys, I just found a spider in our bed this morning...just keeping it real around here).

Yet, in this current season, I've grown more vulnerable with myself, my husband and God than I ever have before. I've been able to truly empty myself so that whatever comes my way is fulfilling for me. And that's hard when you're an enneagram 3!!

So I want to encourage you today. If you feel that you're in a place where you're not feeling "fulfilled", ask yourself: am I always just only looking for the next big thing? When was the last time I truly emptied myself and had nothing left to give? Wherever you're at, don't compare your life to others on the internet, and don't find yourself caught up in thinking that others have it all together and you don't even know your lefts from rights.

Fulfillment is not in having everything, it's in having nothing and being thankful for where you're at. Right here. Right now.

Until next week, friend <3

- Morgs

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