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On Pursuing Intimacy in Marriage

For the past two months, Frank and I have been living in the basement of my parent's home. We are building a house and while we wait, we've been graciously offered to stay with them. While I don't take for granted how blessed we've been to live with them during this life change, I recognize how awful I am at pursuing my husband in intimate ways...

...and I don't mean just physically. I mean in every aspect. In our alone time together, in truly getting to know his heart and feelings about every aspect of life, and yes, physically as well.

You see, I come from a large family. Few people know that I have 5 siblings and we are all close in age and close to each other. Living with my parents has created a huge distraction--albeit, a beautiful one--that allows me to spend more time with my family than I may ever get to have in my adult life.

And because Frank and I both want to spend time with my family while we are living with them, by the time the fun is all said and done and we head downstairs to our mini domain, we are both too tired and drained to actually be intimate with each other.

...I knew many things would change while living with my parents, but I failed to recognize this significant change.

Here's the thing, if you want a happy successful marriage, it doesn't matter what distractions are laid before you, you HAVE to pursue intimacy with your spouse....always.

Pursuing intimacy never stops.

I'm always changing--Frank is always changing. And I never want to be the couple who feels like I am married to a stranger who sleeps in the same bed as me.

So....I'm learning how to pursue my husband, even when I'm tired. Learning when to say no to the distractions around me and only focus on him. I imagine that when we have kids, the challenge will be even greater, so maybe this is just good practice ;).

I am passionate about having a successful marriage. I am passionate about pursuing my husband, and I write this because I work with so many beautiful couples who want the same for their own marriage, and I believe it CAN happen, if we only continue to keep pursuing each other throughout our marriage journey.

Until next week!

- Morgs

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