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AMAZING First Look Reaction! | Intimate Boulder Wedding | Angel and Krystal are Married!

10 years ago in July of 2009, both Angel and Krystal worked for two separate TV stations. When their two stations merged, they met on the first day. Krystal was teleprompting a newscast in a sad, dark, corner when Angle happened to stroll through.

"Who are you?" were the first words Angel would ever say to Krystal; however, it eventually lead to their first date...dinner at Chipotle.

Time had passed and Angel and Krystal were really into each other. They had been getting to know each other...quirks, likes and dislikes, and all. Angel specifically remembered having a conversation with Krystal about how much she hated Orange Juice with pulp. Krystal came over to Angel's place one morning for breakfast and opened the refrigerator to find pulp-less orange juice! Up until then, Angel had been buying juice with pulp, but wanted to show Krystal he listened and cared about her dislikes. From then on, Krystal developed her spark for Angel...the two were inseparable.

THE PROPOSAL (Told by Krystal)

We were engaged on June 1st, 2018, one year before our wedding date. Angel had been sitting on the engagement ring for five months before he proposed (actually he had hidden it under the treadmill, because he knew I wouldn't look there, because I am basically a snoop). He repeatedly took me out on dates (because he needed to find some reason to convince me to dress up, since he thought it would be nice if I looked nice when he proposed). He says that over the course of these multiple dates the vibe just wasn't right for whatever reason, so he kept sitting and waiting. So June 1st, 2018 rolls around, and we decide to go out to dinner (Ophelia's, that place is delicious), and he feels right. So, he snags the ring from under the treadmill and convinces me to go for a walk with Reny, our dog, along our greenbelt at sunset. He pops the question and pops out the ring at the top of the trail, and I legitimately was so surprised, caught off-guard, and could not stop thinking that the ring looked so bubbly and shiny, it had probably come out of one of those old timey vending machines. It just wasn't computing. Apparently I said yes before Angel even asked, ha.

To see the video of how Angel proposed, click this link:


Angel and Krystal had the most intimate family wedding at Krystal's parent's backyard. I'm personally a bit partial to these intimate settings because my husband Frank and I also had a very intimate wedding with only 18 people!

Angel and Krystal, thank you so much for inviting me into your big day! I'm so happy for you two and I wish you nothing but the best!

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