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Cheesman Park and Denver Botanic Gardens Elopement | Colorado Wedding Photographer | Zach and Jenny

Zach and Jennifer had seen each other in passing for years at Central Michigan University, but never formally met until Junior year. They met because they were employees in the same building. Every now and then, Zach would come to Jenn's office to fix everyone's computers (which, let's be honest, mostly consisted of closing out 50 twitter tabs when they were running "slow").

Even though Zach had started hinting at Jenny that he was into her--for about 9 months--Jenny never picked up on his intentions. She thought he was just "inviting her to finance club" because he thought she would be a good addition to the group. Zach and Jenny would run into each other in the hallways and talk for hours. Zach eventually got Jenny's number so that once the school year let out, they could stay in touch over the summer. That summer Jenny invited Zach to a wedding (still thinking they were just friends); after the wedding was all said and done, Zach sent flowers to her work...finally, a gesture Jenny would understand. It was that gesture that finally brought Zach and Jenny together, and from then on, they would be inseparable.

When it came to the proposal, it was more of a conversation, a decision Zach and Jenny made together. The two were at Cheesman Park watching dusk take over the sky and decided right then and there that they would like to seal the deal. They bought a bottle of champagne and celebrated but kept their engagement secret for nearly a year.

Locations: Cheesman Park and Denver Botanic Gardens

Dress: BHLDN

Makeup: L Style Bar

Florist: Babylon Floral

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