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Grant Humphreys Mansion Wedding | Colorado Wedding Photographer | Donny and Alison are Married!

It was Tinder that first brought Alison and Donny together. Both swiped right and they were a match! Then came the dreaded first message, the pinnacle of most relationships...

"I gotta say, you have beautiful eyes!" is what Donny chose to start the conversation with...and it worked!

Donny and Alison first met at a bar on a Friday night to try to keep it low key...the date went well, and before they parted ways for the night, they made sure to get each other's numbers. That upcoming Sunday, thinking the date went so well, Donny decided to text Alison...and he didn't hear anything from her. Donny waited until Wednesday to text Alison again to tell her that he had a great time with her, but if she wasn't looking for anything serious, he was fine with just being friends. (And that is the one and only time he ever lied to her.) She texted back! As it turned out, she had just moved to Colorado from college and was just looking to meet new people in the new city. Donny would have to settle for friendship for the time being.

Donny and Alison hung out a few more times. At the end of one Friday night after going out with a group of Alison's friends, Donny walked Alison to her car. As he was about to catch an Uber home, Alison offered him a ride and of course, he accepted.

While talking and listening to music on the drive to Donny's apartment, he discovered more and more things they had in common. He also realized that he wasn't happy with being just friends. As they pulled up to his place and Donny was about to step out of the car, he decided to put it all out there one more time.

"I know you said you aren't really looking for anything serious right now, but I had a really great time with you and I really like you and I would love to take you out on an actual date if you're interested."

Taken aback by his straightforwardness, all Alison could think to say was, "....Thanks" **awkward pause** "...Welp, have good night" said Donny as he stepped out of the car, positive he had just blown it.

Donny honestly thought he would never hear from her again. Saturday came and went without a word. Then Sunday afternoon, his phone rang from a text message. It was Alison. They texted back and forth the whole afternoon, recapping each other's weekend. But before they said good night, Alison sent one last text.

"So I've thought a lot about what you said Friday, and I think I would really like to go on a date with you."

THE PROPOSAL (From Alison's Perspective):

It was March 2018. Donny arranged for us to go hiking in Evergreen with a couple of close friends who, unknown to me, were helping to plan the proposal. During the hike me and two of the girls stopped at a scenic spot for some pictures. During this time, my friend Hillary's fiance (now husband) Jay was taking a TON of pictures with his new camera. I told Donny we should get some pictures too, since Jay was obviously working on getting some really great shots. Donny agreed and began taking off his gloves, backpack, and had our friend Hillary hold our dog, Ace. This is when I started to become a bit suspicious something was up since Ace is always in our pictures. Sure enough, during one of the shots Donny got down on one knee and proposed. It was the best proposal I could have imagined :)

This wedding day was made possible thanks to all the amazing vendors below!

Venue: Grant Humphreys Mansion

Photo: Lady Ilg Photography

Planner: Bella Notte Weddings and Events

Caterer: Greens Point Catering

Florist: Petals N' Grapes

Dress: Blue Bridal

Hair and Makeup: Salon 58 Arvada

DJ: Complete We Do

Winery: Primi Vino

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