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5 Ways to stay consistent in your business when your life is all over the place

I post a lot of things I share in real time because I want to try to be as honest with you guys as possible with where I'm at in life and business...be it good or bad. And also mostly because whenever I'm learning things, I want to share with you what I'm learning when it's fresh on my mind.

These days, life has been all over the place for me and Frank! If you haven't already heard, we are selling our home and building a new one! Between all of that, I'm also running my rapidly growing business, we're trying to figure out where to live for a very short period of time while our home is getting finished, Frank is traveling a lot more for work now, so I'm left with all the tasks at home while he's gone, and we're constantly trying to find new ways to serve other people and not make the entirety of our lives just about us. I don't say that so you think we're really nice people, I say that because it's something we value and truly do care about.

I've noticed a pattern over the last 4 years of being married to Frank; and that is that life is ever-changing. New ideas are always popping into our heads (or at least mine), and I want to chase those ideas while pursuing my marriage and business, and whatever else it is we have going on. But life for us can often get so in-consistent! And it's not that we aren't organized people, it's just that we pursue things in life that we hope will take us further tomorrow than where we were today, or a month or year ago.

We bought our current home knowing it would be an investment and we would only live in it for 2 years. I started my business with absolutely zero ***ZERO*** experience in photography knowing that I could turn it into a full time job that could potentially one day provide for my family and give me the freedom to be a stay at home mom. I pursue a relationship with God, because He teaches me what it means to love other people, and humble myself, and be a loving wife.

All that to say that this current season of life that Frank and I are in is a busy, overwhelming one. And while I know that at some point we will fall back into our more structured life, I'm learning what it means to stay consistent, and continue to show up for my clients completely and utterly, 100% focused on them when life is all over the place...so here's the 5 tips I have for you!

1. Have systems in place

This is so important...having systems in place will help you so much when you're having a busy season in your own personal life...or when you just need to take some time off. You should be able to know the ins and outs, fronts and backs of your business, and systems will help you to do so. Systems are honestly a ton of small things that are thoroughly thought through that make every day tasks much more efficient (financially, and with your time.)

These include things like email templates; a client management system with a workflow established; scheduled emails and invoices; etc.

2. Outsource whatever work you can

It's silly to think that we can do it all when it comes to running our business...or better yet, that no one else can do as good of a job as we do. Giving up control in your business will help your business grow! And you'll be a much better business owner, and you'll serve your clients well when you can learn to delegate tasks that free up your time to either create more, grow more, or free up your time for your own personal life.

3. Batch work ahead of time (especially if you know a crazy season is coming)

I LOVE batch working and cannot stress how amazing it's been for my business. Especially living in Colorado, knowing that wedding season is May-October, this allows me to focus so much of my time and energy on creating content before wedding season begins. This can be with anything in your line of work though. For me, I batch my blog posts, I batch podcast episodes, and I batch Instagram posts.

4. Have bigger picture goals to keep you on track

It can get really easy (especially in a really crazy season) to lose sight of the goals you have set before you. So knowing what those goals are can help keep you on track for when you're having trouble seeing what's ahead of you. Simple as that.

5. Charge what you're worth so as to not experience burn out

Most creative business owners do not truly value their art and what their art is worth...and this is so sad! It's sad because when you're taking on so much work just to pay the bills, you'll eventually experience burnout, and burnout will make you really dislike what it is that you're doing and will eventually kill your passion....which in turn leads to you doing a dis-service to your clients. Your clients don't deserve working with someone who doesn't love what they do, or someone who is exhausted...especially when work and personal life are pulling you in so many different directions. If you feel overwhelmed by the amount of work that is on your plate.......it's probably time to raise those prices!

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