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Intimate Wedding in the Foothills | Matt and Christen are Married!

Matt and Christen met online just days before Christmas in 2017. Christen was a little unsure about meeting a complete stranger online, so in case things didn't work out, she figured if they met at a brewery, she would only have to stick around for one beer, versus an entire dinner.

However, they had the best time meeting at the brewery that soon-after finishing their last sip, they still weren't ready to say goodbye, so shortly after, they decided it was time for a real date, and they ended up sharing their first meal at a Greek restaurant down the road.

It was on the first date that Christen knew Matt was everything she had prayed for and more. After their first hug, they both turned away to get into their vehicles, but before Christen could end up getting in her car, she turned her head back at Matt and caught him smiling at her. That was the moment she knew he would be the one for her. From then on, they started courting. Christen was won over by his perseverance and drive to make dinners for her, take her to random places, travel 40 minutes to pick her up for dates...

Matt breathed life back into Christen. She had her daughter at a young age and was juggling being a young single mother, and because most of her time was spent for her daughter, it was rare if she ever had the opportunity to spend time for herself. Having Matt became a refreshing start for her.

THE PROPOSAL! (From Christen's perspective)

Matt recreated our first date! Matt and I had been talking about getting married for some time before he actually popped the question. The night he proposed, I was convinced that it was "the night". I guess you can say that I knew it was coming. He first took me to Dry Dock (where we first met). I was anxiously waiting...and waiting... and waiting. By the end of our date, we had cashed out, and he still had not proposed! I had shut out of my mind all the possibilities of a proposal. I did not want to get myself excited and then be disappointed. If he was not going to do it by the time we cashed out, then it probably was not going to happen, right? Before we finished our last beer, my mom called my cell phone. While on the phone with my mom, Matt kept interrupting me. He kept tapping the table and tapping my beer glass. He kept talking over me. I thought he was being so annoying! When I get off the phone, Matt looks me dead in the eye and tells me, "I need you to drink your beer REALLY slowly". I sipped my last bit of beer and found a ring in the bottom of my glass!! After Dry Dock, he took me to the same Greek restaurant that we went to on our first date. So many fun things happened while we were there! Apparently Greeks LOVE weddings. They brought us flaming cheese and ooza shots, and gathered around us while everyone yelled "OPAAAA". It was by coincidence but it appeared to me that Matt was even wearing the same outfit that he wore on our first date!

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