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  • Morgan (@ladyilg)

My Biggest Reason Why

I share my life on here because I want you to know I'm a human being too. I want to attract the types of clients who love the outdoors, are passionate about a successful marriage, maybe have a dog or two, and of course desire classic and timeless images from their wedding day.

Example: next week I'm meeting with a potential bride who ALSO has a black Great Dane, adn I cannot wait!

I attract clients who love me for me, and while photography is my job and what I'm passionate about, it is only a small part of my journey, and since wedding photography especially is such a personal decision, (I mean, let's be honest, I might see you naked and you need to trust me), I want my clients to know there's more that we connect on than me just being an extra random person with a camera on your wedding day.

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