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5 Ways to Ensure Amazing Photos On Your Wedding Day

As a wedding photographer, I know that I'm responsible for photographing the most important day in my couple's lives; but I've also learned that while I'm great at what I do, good photos from a wedding day come when I make sure my clients know from the very beginning all they can (and should expect from me)...but there's more to that! If you're a bride who wants to make sure you have the best of the best photos from your wedding day, here's a few things you should consider:

1. Get to know and feel comfortable with your photographer.

Let's face it: your photographer is the one vendor who is literally with you all day. Part of what makes great images is a great chemistry between you and your photographer. This is exactly why in my contact form on my website, I ask my brides what their Instagram handle is. Following each other on Instagram allows a good 6-12ish months on average to constantly see posts and updates from each other. Not only that, but your engagement session is also a great way to get to know each other. One of the biggest compliments to me when I first meet a client is when they say, "I feel like I already know you!". That tells me I'm doing my job in making them feel comfortable around me.

2. Communicate with your photographer throughout your planning process

Are you planning to have any pets at your wedding? Doing a choreographed dance with your bridal party? Simply want your photographer to capture one particular moment? I can guarantee you, your photographer wants to know those things! Knowing those before-hand allow me to be as prepared as possible on your wedding day to not miss anything...especially one thing that's super important to you.

3. Consider a first look

There's lots of reasons I would urge you to consider doing a first look but the biggest reason is because it allots for a more relaxed wedding day. A more relaxed wedding day means a more relaxed you, and a more relaxed you means better photos!

4. Allow your photographer in on the timing of your day and ask for recommendations as to how long certain shots might take

6 weeks before a wedding, I send out a questionnaire for my couple's to fill me out that let me in on alllllllll the details I need to know for their big day...Everything from what the guest dress code is, to their love story, to how many are in their bridal party and more. Once I get that questionnaire back, I am then able to draft a photographer timeline based on how long I think each event will take. Most people have no clue how long things will take, and can be shocked to learn there's not enough time for one particular thing, but allowing your photographer in on the logistics of timing can save you a lot of stress, therefore, better images!

5. be happy and let loose! It's the best day of your life!

Not everything may go perfectly, but let others take care of that, and allow yourself to enjoy your day! In the end, there are certain things that are just out of our control. But the most important thing is that you get married. Enjoy it because this day goes by so fast!

It's no secret: I love what I do, but I'm a huge believer that no matter what I say or do, how you FEEL when you get your images back is what's going to matter the most. I hope these tips help, and I look forward to creating magic together!

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