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5 Lifestyle Changes You Can Make to Immediately Improve Your Business

If you weren't already aware, let me just be one of the first to tell you that running a business all alone at home is so, SO hard. I often catch myself feeling drained mostly because of the lifestyle choices I'm making, which eventually let into my business. You may not realize this but the way you eat, rest, and prioritize things in your life will directly effect your work life either positively, or negatively. Today, for Friday 5, I'm sharing 5 lifestyle changes you can make to immediately improve your business...Who knew, right?!

1. Make yourself breakfast every morning

I can't tell you how many times I've gotten out of bed and just gone straight to my computer to start work for the day; then later find myself snacking (very unhealthily, I should add) It's really easy to forget to take care of yourself in business. But I find that making myself breakfast before I start work helps keep me full during the day so I'm not constantly shifting in my chair or making unhealthy choices when it comes to my work day.

2. Get out of the house to work

Being in the house can really make me go stir crazy. Not only that, but because I'm at home, I'm constantly distracted by other things, whether it's cleaning the house, my own thoughts in loneliness, or my puppy who constantly wants me to play with her. When I work at a coffee shop, I know exactly what I'm there to do, and I don't have anything else around me to distract me from my work.

3. Make friends with other like-minded business owners

It's incredible how quickly you realize you are not alone in what you do when you find other friends in your industry who can relate to you. Not only that, but you are able to bounce ideas off of each other and use each other to build yourselves up. Having community alone can help you grow so much.

4. Establish guidelines (times to start and stop work, family time)

Establishing guidelines will also help keep you on track for meeting certain deadlines in your work. Not only that, but having a healthy work/life balance is SO necessary when it comes to running your own business. If you are unable to put down work whenever there's a family outing, or your spouse comes home, you are in serious trouble.

5. Create before you consume

It's so easy when you work from home to get stuck scrolling through social media for the first couple hours of your day. But when you do that, once you're done with your scrolling and it's time to start the work day, you already feel drained and discouraged. Creating before you consume will help you to stay focused on your goals without getting distracted by what other small business owners are doing. What someone else's entrepreneurial path might look like, may not be your own.

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