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5 Ways I Nurture my Marriage While Growing My Business

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I would be lying if I told you that my marriage has not suffered at times because of my business. If you're anything like me, when business is great, my personal life often takes a back burner, but when my personal life is awesome, my business is just the opposite. BALANCE seems to be the theme of my life the last two years, and slowly but surely, I've been learning how to navigate both in a successful way. When I was single, it was so much easier to make my business a priority! I could work any hour of the day, or schedule things without also worrying about Frank's schedule, but once I got married, I quickly learned that I would have to change my ways. First thing's first though: my marriage and family do come before my business! Here are the 5 ways I nurture my marriage while still growing my business:

1. Schedule times for work and times for personal life

My husband's schedule has constantly changed since we first got married. The good thing about owning your own business though, is that you can make it adaptable! I work around my husband's schedule now. When he's off, I put my computer away. When he's at work, that's also my time to work! This has also helped me to have a better work/life balance and also forced me to take rest days!

2. Keep my husband involved in my work, but I don't make that the main topic of conversation all the time.

My husband is the most supportive person I know about my business! I'm so thankful for that! But I know as entrepreneurs, we can get so fired up and passionate about our jobs because we are doing what we LOVE. Talking about work is good, but I always make sure that's not the only thing I talk to my husband about. He needs to know that I care more about him than work.

3. If I have a deadline, I am very clear to my husband when I have to work if he's around

For example: I ALWAYS blog my weddings the very next day, so as soon as I get home from a wedding, I sit down at the computer and start working on that blog. This usually takes me about 2-4 hours of work when my husband is home. But since I am clear about communicating that to him, it's something he can expect and know that I need that time to do my work...and also something he is very supportive of!

4. Set goals together and make sure we are always on the same page

At the beginning of this year, Frank and I talked about some goals we had for each other, and one of mine was to be able to pay off his student loans. Having that similar goal helps us both be supportive of each other in our jobs. He gets so excited for me when I book a new client, or add more subscribers to my email list. Having someone to celebrate your successes makes them all the more sweet!

5. Make sure I'm always aware of my husband's needs, and realize that he is a priority...not my business.

I easily made my business my top priority when I was single, but now that I have someone else to think about, I can't do that. More than anything, my husband always comes first, and if there's a need, whether he just wants to cuddle, or something major happens, he always comes first.

I'm obviously always working toward perfecting these, and realize that my business and my marriage are not perfect! I hope these points help you in your business and marriage though!

What are some other ways you nurture your marriage while growing your business?

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