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3 Outfits Every Female Wedding Photographer Should Have!

It wasn't until I photographed my first few weddings and came home feeling like a slump that I realized I would seriously have to think about my wedding wardrobe. As wedding photographers (and let's not exclude videographers), we are one of the vendors who are constantly moving around the most on a wedding day...in every direction our bodies can bend to get the perfect shot. If I could wear sweats to a wedding, I would...buuuutttt, since I care about the image of my own business, I'm not about to let that slide.

It only took me a couple years to start perfecting my professional wardrobe of comfortable clothes to wear to a wedding, and I'm constantly getting asked what I shoot in, so I'm sharing my 3 favorite go-to's that I think EVERY female wedding photographer should have for a wedding day! These are the few outfits I will continuously cycle through because I swear by them!

1. Dresses...with pockets!

I wouldn't photograph a wedding in a dress that doesn't have pockets. Seriously. You'd never know it, but I hide my backup batteries, SD and CF cards, timeline, etc. in my pockets and still look like a pro! When it comes to dresses, I always look for modest ones that won't show anything if I have to crouch down to take a photo. I also always pair flats with my outfits because let's face it, it's just not possible (at least for me) to shoot an entire wedding in heels.

The dress on the left is from White House Black Market, I get almost all my dresses there, and the dress on the right is from an online boutique called Eshakti. I actually have come to really like Eshakti because you can customize literally ANY dress they have down to the neck line, sleeves, and length, and they also ALL have pockets! My dress collection basically consists of these two brands only because I love them so much!


Jumpsuits are my fave. Although I'm not a huge fan of photographers wearing all black to weddings, I cannot say no to this jumpsuit. It is light and airy (perfect for hot summer days), and very stretchy...I can literally do cartwheels in this jumpsuit...AND...duh duh duh...it has pockets!

I found this jumpsuit from an online boutique called Oliver Grace but you can honestly find jumpsuits pretty much anywhere.

3. Stretchy Dress Pants

Dress pants are another one of my go-to's because you still look professional while also being able to move around as much as you need without having to show any body parts at all, ha. Plus, you can usually pair them with pretty much anything in your closet.

I get a lot of my dress pants at H&M because they are usually stretchy and comfy and the more comfortable I can be during a wedding, the better I'll perform.

I also usually wear the same black flats to every wedding because they are so comfortable and go with almost anything. I got the flats at Old Navy but if you're ever curious to know what shoes might be best for your feet, don't hesitate to ask...I actually used to sell shoes for a living! ****NOTE**** I will sometimes bring flip flops to wear before the ceremony to give my feet a little extra time to relax before the business of the day begins...but below are some behind the scenes of me working in my go-to outfits!

What is your go-to outfit to photograph weddings in?

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