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Guanella Pass Engagement Session | Svet and Adrienne are Engaged!

"In the fall of 2011 when Adrienne was just starting her sophomore year at the University of Denver and Svet his senior year, they both happened to enroll in an economics class. On the first day of class, Svet noticed Adrienne and decided to move seats after the class break to sit next to her and get her number "in case he ever needed notes." After walking together when class was dismissed for a couple of weeks and asking for notes that he didn't actually need, Svet asked Adrienne out to brunch and the rest is history."

I asked Adrienne to share what she was most looking forward to on her wedding day and I just have to share her answer because I just totally agree with her thought process:

"I'm looking forward to a ton of little moments on our wedding day, obviously, but our first look and saying our vows are what I'm looking forward to most. Until about a year ago, I didn't want to do a first look on my wedding day. I wanted to be traditional and have my future husband see me for the first time that day as I'm walking down the aisle. During all the wedding planning, however, I realized that I want that moment just for the two of us. I've so commonly heard that wedding days go by in a flash, so the first look ensures that there's at least one point in the day where there's no one staring at us, where we can just focus on being with one another and embrace the meaning of the day. As for our vows, we decided to write our own, not individually--we'll be saying the same ones, and they're very representative of what is important to us as a couple: being partners, adventuring, and helping each other to build the best life we can, together."

Adrienne and Svet, Thank you for trusting me to photograph your biggest day, I cannot wait for it all! Until then everyone, enjoy their engagement photos!

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