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5 Jobs I Had Before I Became a Full-Time Wedding Photographer

To be honest, growing up, photography was never on my radar. I had no prior experience and it was never something I dreamt of let's see what lead me here...shall we?

1. When I was a kid, I would do odd jobs for my dad at his coffee shop...wash the dishes, serve people their food, etc. But if we're really honest, I only went so I could eat the cinnamon rolls as big as your head.

2. As a teenager, I was a housekeeper for his hotel during the summers. Let me just tell you, housekeeping is a TOUGH job and you should really thank your housekeepers next time you stay at a hotel.

3. I graduated high school early since I had all my credits by junior year. In order to do this, I had to join a "work program" and show my pay stubs. I got my first "real job" at DSW selling shoes.

4. After I graduated, I started writing a blog (which I don't write anymore) that quickly grew and started being read all over the world. My readers told me I should write a book, so I quit DSW to focus on my book and became a full-time nanny to two beautiful babies!

5. After I wrote my book, I started doing photography on the side for donations toward my book. (Mind you, I was using a $250.00 camera, and had no prior experience) but surprisingly, it took off and quickly grew into something I actually enjoyed and could see myself doing full time, so after a year of nannying, I launched my business full time and having no stability what-so-ever (and living on my own, mind you!), I needed income. When people ask me how I made it work, I always tell them, "I made it work because I HAD to make it work."

So there you have it! The story of how I became a photographer!

What are some of the past jobs you've had, AND, what's something you dream of doing one day?

With love,


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