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One Last Trip to The Beach | Our Journey With Canine Lymphoma

Last night, Frank and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary and I asked him what his favorite memory in the last few years was. It took him a be honest, we've shared some really amazing moments together...but I think one of our favorite memories by far has to have been when we took Tyrza to the beach.

Most of our friends and family know by now that on December 7th, Frank and I received some really heart-breaking news about our senior dog. She has Lymphoma and was given 2-3 months to live if she's on a medication called prednisone--which she is.

Frank and I were actually planning on taking Tyrza to the beach summer of 2018 because she had never been before and we knew she would love it; but when we received her diagnosis, we decided it had to be a January trip instead.

We count our blessings because we realize not many people can just pick up and leave for a week without warning, and for that, we are so incredibly thankful.

We made sure to make the entire trip an experience for Tyrza (and also our puppy Kai) and we wanted her to enjoy every single minute of it. (And of course we had to stop at In-n-out).

Our drive into California! It was so beautiful.

We made sure the dogs got lots of rest that night because the next day, they were going to the beach! Shout out to La Quinta for allowing dogs in their hotels! We were fully prepared to camp though.

Tyrza has been slowing down a lot more lately, and it's been more noticeable; but being at the beach with her was bittersweet because something about it brought out all of her energy and more. We had ourselves a little cry, but we were determined to make this day all about her. We played with the dogs for about 2 hours non-stop, and I think they could've played longer. This day was such a breath of fresh air and it will forever be ingrained in my memory.

We made sure to document the whole thing, too.

She's just the happiest girl :).

Frank has a cousin who lives in San Diego, so that evening, we met up with her and went to dinner, it was great.

We decided to start driving back that same night and stop in Las Vegas again. We really aren't Vegas people, BUT, there's this amazing conservation called Red Rock, and we knew the dogs would really enjoy it there. So the next day, we spent it there...

Just look at that drool...

One thing we were really surprised by (and happy about) especially since we were driving a senior dog and a 9 month old great dane puppy, is how good the girls were the ENTIRE trip in the car. I kid you not, they slept the entire time! I had even brought lots of treats and kongs to keep them occupied but never had to take them out because all they did was sleep. It really made the trip easy on us.

More drool...

This place is way more massive than it looks...

We decided kind of on a whim that we would spend that night in Durango, Colorado to visit a really good friend of ours. It was a 9 hour drive, so of course, again, we had to fuel up on in-n-out.

We arrived in Durango at 3am the next morning and spent the next day with our friend and her family.

It was so needed.

Our friend's mom was SO incredible and offered to watch our dogs so we could explore the tiny town.

During our time out, we found the sweetest Golden Retriever and returned him to his family. I secretly wanted to take him home though...

We stayed another night and decided to take the long way home to stop at a huge lake later on. (It also gave us more time to listen to a murder mystery podcast I ended up getting Frank HOOKED on called "Up and Vanished")

No idea what's going on here.

The lake we wanted to stop at is called Blue Mesa, which is the lake you'll pass if you're ever driving from Denver to Telluride. Since Tyrza loves the water so much, we figured this would be good for the dogs.

I just love all three of them so so much...

Kai's favorite snack is we had a lot of fun throwing it at her.

Just look at the passion on Tyrza's face!

We finally started our last trek home with a full heart....this trip was absolutely, 100% for Tyrza, but little did we know it would also be just what we needed...

p.s. this is what feeding dogs on a road trip looks like!

Tyrza, you have given us a full life, and we love you with all that we are.

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