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Intimate Elopement At the Salt Flats | Josh and Baylie are Married!

Josh and Baylie first met in high school when he was a Junior and she was a Freshman. They had their first period Spanish class next to each other and their groups would hang out in the same area after class but Josh and Baylie would never talk. The two somehow became friends on Facebook and Josh posted a status after school one day that said "like this status if you had a good day!" (or something of those sorts). Of course, Baylie liked it and he messaged her asking why she had a good day! From there, they began talking at school and on the phone and finally went on their first date.

When it comes to their love story, Josh and Baylie refer to it as a roller coaster. All throughout High School Josh and Baylie were on and off more times than they could count. Their friends were more than over it but somehow they always found themselves back to each other. They'd gone through every sort of relationship that you can think of while they were trying to figure out what they wanted; friends, enemies, hating each other, loving each other, the whole nine! But they always wanted to talk to each other, no matter the situation. The spark in their relationship is no matter how many times something came against them, something inside of them also knew they wanted to talk to each other and be together. After Josh went to college they'd been steady dating ever since.

THE PROPOSAL (from Baylie's perspective):

"Josh and I have always talked about going to New York together and it just so happened that he had a work trip scheduled in May 2016 to Manhattan so I decided to go with him! We booked an extra day to explore the city. We wanted to walk the entire island, from top to bottom to make sure we saw everything. So we started in Central Park, through the Rockefeller Center, had lunch at Grand Central Station, then started walking to the Empire State Building and towards Broadway. We made a point to take a picture in front of every monument, especially in front of the Flatiron Building because we have a giant canvas of it in our town home and thought it would be cool to recreate it with us! So, when we arrived Josh started setting up the GoPro on a flower pot outside so we could take a self timed picture. He walked back and pressed 'start' and then got down on his knee! I really don't know what happened after that because I blacked out with excitement for the next 10 minutes but it was amazing! Instead of taking a picture, Josh sneakily recorded a video."

Josh and Baylie's original plan wasn't to actually Elope. They had a wedding that was set for September 9th, 2017 and I was going to photograph it. But about two months ago, Baylie emailed me to tell me she and Josh decided they wanted to call off their wedding and Elope instead. Thus began the process of planning their elopement, and they settled on the Salt Flats. This location seriously couldn't be more perfect for them....and same with their choice to elope instead...I LOVE it when couples choose to do what's right for them!

Josh and Baylie, thank you so much for inviting me along in this journey with you...you both are incredible!

This beautiful day could not have happened without the amazing vendors involved:

Location: Bonneville Salt Flats

Photo: Lady Ilg

Dress: ChicWish

Floral: Project Floral

Planning: Promise Event Planner

Hair and Makeup: Signature Brides and Design

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