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Manor House Wedding | Wade and Destiny are Married!

It was a mutual friend's wedding in September 2016 when Wade and Destiny met. Destiny had carpooled with some friends of hers to the wedding. The moment the two met, they quickly found out how much they could relate and wasted no time getting to know the heart of each other. When Destiny's friends whom she carpooled with wanted to leave the wedding early, Wade insisted Destiny stay behind and he would make sure he found a way for her to get back home safely that night. The wedding was on a golf course, so once the wedding was nearing an end, Wade and Destiny found a comfortable spot on the grass to talk and needless to say, the attraction was definitely there! The two shared joint visions and passion and after staying out talking until 2am, Wade drove Destiny home as promised and got her number in hopes to see her the next day before he flew back to Dallas where he lived. They saw each other the next night and over a burrito bowl, and though they were concerned about how they were going to make it work over long distance, they decided they were willing to give it their best shot (or in Wade's words to "kick the tires" and see where it goes). Fast forward to Christmas-time 2016, and Destiny won the debate over which one of them was going to make a move. Wade was able to spend that winter in Colorado.


"I had a college friend that was getting married in Birmingham Alabama where I went to college at Samford University. I went down for the weekend without Wade because flights were so crazy expensive. I spent the weekend hanging out with my college girl friends and attending our friends wedding and it was so great to get time with all of them! It was Sunday and I was supposed to fly back home to Denver that afternoon out of Atlanta. My friend Margaret had come in town also so her and I and our friend Sarah planned to go to brunch Sunday morning. Well I woke up late and was just taking my good ol time all morning. Every restaurant we went to had such a long wait and Margaret suggested we go get a bagel. Being a diva that morning I said, "No way, you came in town and we are going to go somewhere to sit down and eat breakfast." So they both went along with it and we spent our time and breakfast catching up. After we were done they suggested we go walk around Samford because we hadn't all been back there together. So we drove to Samford and walked up the main stair which is beautiful! All the sudden I heard from behind me, "Dest, I see why you like it here so much." I turned around and Wade was there standing there! I was shocked that he was here!! I kept saying what are you doing here?! And then he told me that he couldn't go another day without letting me know that he loved me which was the first time he told me he loved me!!! He then said some other really sweet things and got down on one knee and proposed to me!!! I of course told him I loved him too which felt so good to finally say and said YES YES YES!!!! My best friend drove down from Mississippi and was there so I got to see her and my other college friends that had been in on the plan to make it all happen. Come to find out I made us two hours later than the planned time to arrive and for him to propose all because I was a diva about breakfast haha!! We spent then got to have time walking around just us two and we laughed and cried (well I cried) and just sat in the joy and excitement and giddiness of all that was going on! Later that night we flew back home to Denver and landed at midnight. I was already thinking about how late it was and how I was going to wake up to go to work the next day. We rode up the escalator to the baggage claim and right at the welcoming area was my family and about 8 of our friends with signs and sparkling cider and cupcakes waiting to celebrate with us! It was an absolutely amazing day!!!! I get the butterflies just thinking about it all again! He did the best job at surprising me and getting all the people I love involved!"

Wade and Destiny were together only 11 short months after they met but for these two, the saying "when you know, you know." rings so true in their lives. They are the epitome of a sweet loving couple who will withstand the test of time. Congratulations Wade and Destiny! I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness!

Wade and Destiny, thank you so much for entrusting me to photograph your special day!

This wedding would not have been possible without the incredible vendors involved:

Venue: The Manor House

Photo: Lady Ilg

Video: Canvas and Light

Floral: Daisy's Front Porch

Dress: Justin Alexander from The Bridal Collection

DJ: Elite DJ

Planning: Personal Attitudes

Catering: Kristies Cakes

Makeup: Liana Figins

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