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We Got a New Puppy! | Great Dane Puppy

SURPRISE! We got a Great Dane puppy! We found Kai from a breeder in Colorado. We have known we wanted a Great Dane for the longest time because of their demeanor. Great Dane's have a well known nick name called "gentle giants", while they are huge in stature, they are some of the sweetest (and laziest!) breeds. Tyrza is 10 years old, and we knew we wanted to get a puppy for her because we didn't want to introduce her to a dog that was way bigger than her. We also knew that because Tyrza is so well trained, she would be a really good influence on our puppy. Kai copies everything Tyrza does. If she sees me reward Tyrza for something, Kai will come over and try to do it too. While leash training Kai, the first time we put her leash on her harness, Kai didn't budge, but the second we put a leash on Tyrza, Kai started walking with her leash. Tyrza still has a lot of warming up to do, but we've already caught the two snuggling and I can't wait til the day they are best buds.

The first time Kai and Tyrza saw each other was when we picked Kai up from the breeder.

We noticed how shy but playful Kai was being...definitely, totally unsure of us!

It was my first time ever bringing a puppy home...Frank had done this once before with Tyrza at 8 weeks, so I had a LOT to learn!

Don't be fooled...we soon learned what a fireball she would be!

Now, it was time to load her up and make her feel comfortable in her new home!

Already just so in love...

Because Kai's growth will be so rapid in the next year, I will be taking a photo each day of both the dogs in this exact position to document her growth. I can't wait to put a video together a year from now...we've only had her such a short amount of time and I can already see her growth! It makes me so sad!

Thank you Northern Colorado Great Danes! If you're looking for a Dane breeder in Colorado, they are awesome. We love our Kai so much!

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