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10 Wedding Moments I LIVE for

I've been a wedding photographer now going on four years (can you believe that!?) and although I've shot nearly 100 weddings and can anticipate what's going to happen when, I can tell you that there are a few things I get most excited for leading up to a wedding day. These are the things that make my heart sing. The moments that really can make up an entire day, and tell your story. Here are the top moments I just cannot wait to photograph on your wedding day....

1. The Anticipation There's nothing quite like a bride the morning of her wedding. She is anxious, she is excited, she is antsy. The anticipation before the big reveal is something I will never get tired of photographing.

2. The Details

You may not realize it when planning your wedding, but details play an important part in telling the story of your day. Why is this something I look forward to? Because your details tell me more about you! Not to mention, they are incredibly fun to photograph.

3. Your Wedding Dress

Seeing the dress you choose to wear on your wedding day is like opening a Christmas present! I love seeing my bride's style come out full force on their wedding day! Not to mention, I've never photographed the same dress twice. When you put it on, you look and feel gorgeous, and photographing someone who looks and feels gorgeous is so empowering.

4. The First Look

You are both excited and anxious at this moment. And you've not yet seen each other on the most important day of your life! The big reveal is the most exciting thing that happens on your wedding day (aside from getting married). I love seeing how emotional/happy/excited you two get when you see each other for the first time on your wedding day!

5. The Moment you Say "I-DO"

The moment we're all here for! The moment when, after months of planning, you finally become husband and wife!

6. A Photo with Mom and Dad

Our parents play a huge role in our lives and have helped shape us into who we are today. A photo with mom and dad is one of the most important photos I'll take all day, and I look forward to the fact that this is a photo you and your parents will treasure forever.

7. Time With Your Best Friends

I cannot wait until the moment we get your bridal party together. These are the people who have carried you through the toughest and best times of your life. The people who have more than likely given you relationship advice about the one you're marrying, and some of you haven't seen each other in years. There's nothing like a group of best friends together, which is why I look forward to capturing that!

8. A Special Surprise!

Last summer, I photographed two brides who were pregnant, multiple weddings that had choreographed dances, weddings with dogs...if you can incorporate something fun, unique, and special about you into your wedding day, that is so much fun to me! I love being able to document something specific to you on your wedding day!

9. The Bride and Groom Alone

Having time with my couple's alone on their wedding day to get awesome photos is one of the best parts of a wedding day! I love when I get to capture some of the first moments of you two as husband and wife. You are, so happy, and in love! Putting a photographer, and two joyful people together is like earning a Michelin star at a restaurant, it's seriously the biggest compliment!

10. The First Dance

Whether you've choreographed a surprise dance, or and swinging to your favorite song together, the first dance gets me in tears almost every time! This is the time I'm usually very satisfied with all that we've captured on your day before-hand, and the final moments before we say our goodbyes for the day....and I am just so happy to be able to photograph your special day!

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