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Let's be honest about business


After a year and a half of dreaming, hoping, praying to host a podcast, my dreams have finally come into fruition!

In February of 2019 I officially launched the "Let's be honest...about business!" podcast.  The podcast for small business owners in their first five years of business all about being honest with where we're at and how to overcome those obstacles we all face while tackling our dream full time.

This podcast is a labor of love; one that I hope will help you achieve all of your goals!

Here's a few of our latest episodes...

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Why every business owner should hire a lawyer


Running a marriage and a business


5 things to do when business is tough

"A Podcast for every aspiring woman"

"Saying that Morgan is amazing is an understatement.  Seeing her photography work and how she created and is fueling her business is incredible.  But what's even more incredible is her ability to share her talent with others.  This is exactly what her podcast is.  Whether you are looking into photography, your own small business or something else, this podcast is for you!  Please listen, subscribe, and share her work and podcast.  Our world would look different if everyone had the joy and work ethic of Morgan!

- Emily Trujillo

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Nominate yourself (or someone else) as a guest and you might just have your own spot on the Let's be honest about business podcast! (I welcome any and every suggestion).

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